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Catastrophic Program |  WeShare Access

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Catastrophic Program

WeShare Access™

WeShare Access™ is a highly cost-effective option for people looking for sharing support for preventive care and major, unexpected illnesses and injuries.

There are two options with WeShare Access™ to fit varying needs: $5,000 or $10,000 Annual Member Care Share amounts. Members can choose the lower AMCS amount to provide more security, requiring you to pay less out-of-pocket when you need to access care. Alternatively, the higher AMCS amount offers lower Monthly Contributions for members who may not frequently access medical care beyond preventive and office visits.

Both options provide low-cost sharing benefits to maintain a healthy lifestyle, focusing on well and sick visits through CVS MinuteClinic and their Telehealth services, as well as Urgent Care, Hospitalizations and Prescriptions.

Catastrophic Program - WeShare Access™ Overview

Here are just a few of the awesome benefits and resources included in your – WeShare Access™ membership:

Wellness & Preventive Care

$0 consult fee for Wellness & Preventive Care with no annual maximum through CVS MinuteClinic™

PHCS® PPO Network

the largest independent network in the country, for Urgent Care and Hospitalizations

CVS Caremark™

With over 68,000 retail Pharmacy locations with a $2,500 annual maximum to meet your prescription needs

Low-cost CVS MinuteClinic™

sick visits to help you feel better with a $20 consult fee 

Behavioral Health Counseling

$0 consult fee for Behavioral Health Counseling through BetterHelp 

Membership Perks

Access to Noom, FitBod, RightNow Media, and HelloFresh to support holistic care

Fitbod adapts to support you when your fitness goals evolve, gym  equipment changes, or when you need some variety to stay motivated.

Noom teaches you daily tweaks to hit your nutrition goals. 

RightNow Media gives you access to over 20,000 Biblically-based videos.

HelloFresh offers healthy, convenient, and nutritious meal options.

Program costs

Member Type AMCS
per member
per member
per family
per family

*For Families, a minimum of two members must meet their individual maximum AMCS within a calendar year.

**Annual Member Care Share is the amount you pay for certain medical services before sharing begins. It acts like a deductible.

Shortened Sharing
Eligibility Window

Contribution Rate

Program highlights

Convenient Care

CVS MinuteClinic™ is a walk-in clinic that patients can choose as an alternative to an urgent care center, but at about 40% less than the cost of urgent care. These CVS clinics offer treatments, screenings, immunizations, and are open 7 days a week (varies per location and major holidays).  WeShare® members can visit a MinuteClinic™ for only a $20 consult fee, per visit.

24/7 Minute Clinic’s virtual care is designed to make your journey to health accessible. Leveraging technology, Telehealth gets you the care you need faster and easier than a traditional office visit, in the privacy of your own home or while on the go. With your WeShare membership, you get unlimited CVS Minute Clinic Virtual visits with a $20 consult fee and low-cost labs.  

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What's Shared

Service Member Responsibility WeShare Access™
Annual Routine Health Visits with CVS MinuteClinic
No additional member cost
100% paid from shared contributions
Virtual Behavioral Health Counseling
No additional member cost
Up to 10 visits complimentary with program membership
CVS MinuteClinic™ – in-person and virtual visits
$20 consultation fee
Sharing pays for the remainder of the bill
Labs - Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp of America
Must be ordered by CVS MinuteClinic or as part of hospitalization
$40 consultation fee
Sharing pays for the remainder of the bill
Labs - All others
Must be ordered by CVS MinuteClinic or as part of hospitalization
AMCS amount
100% paid from sharing once AMCS is met
X-rays associated with MinuteClinic visit or hospitalization
$25 consultation fee
Sharing pays for the remainder of the bill
Other Radiology associated with MinuteClinic visit or hospitalization
AMCS amount
100% paid from sharing once AMCS is met
Urgent Care
$100 consultation fee
Sharing pays for the remainder of the bill
Emergency Room
$750 consultation fee
AMCS applies if admitted
Sharing pays for the remainder of the bill
Hospital Services
AMCS amount
100% paid from sharing once AMCS is met
FDA-Approved Prescriptions
Fee depends on drug formulary, only eligible for Generic and Standard Brand Formulary
Sharing pays for the remainder of the bill up to $2,500 annual maximum for a 30-day pharmacy fill 90-day mail-order supply, per medical visit
Dental & Vision Discount Programs
No additional member cost
Complimentary with program membership
Wellness Perks: Noom, FitBod, RightNow Media, HelloFresh
No additional member cost
1-year subscription to Noom, Fitbod, and RightNow Media and a 1-year HelloFresh discount (valued at $780) included with membership.

Note: To help keep your healthcare simple, eligible services that apply a consultation fee are not subject to the AMCS. For eligible services subject to the AMCS, they are shared at 100% once the AMCS is met. Please see the program details or contact us for a comprehensive list of eligible services. 

For accepted sharing members with pre-existing conditions, WeShare Access™ applies an annual sharing maximum for the first few years to services related to conditions developed prior to membership.


sharing maximum for year one of continuous membership


sharing maximum for year two of continuous membership


sharing maximum for year three of continuous membership

Once a member reaches their 3-year membership anniversary, there’s no more annual sharing maximum for the treatment of the condition.  

Pre-existing conditions are defined as conditions closely correlated to a hereditary illness with a close family history or an individual’s personal history where that individual presented symptoms, were being tested for, or were diagnosed with a condition prior to enrollment.

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Extended Care Programs

The S.M.A.R.T. and A.I.D.D. Care Programs provide additional sharing for those faced with major life-threatening illnesses or unexpected accidents. S.M.A.R.T. Care helps lessen the financial burden commonly caused by the unexpected costs of a serious illness through support with bills such as mortgage, rent, utilities, plus 10+ more related expenses. A.I.D.D. Care provides additional accident benefits to assist with major medical expenses, including in-home recovery and the out-of-pocket responsibility of your WeShare program.

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