Our Programs

We offer several sharing programs with varying Annual Member Care Share and Monthly Contribution amounts to meet any budget and healthcare need. Plus, each program includes added wellness perks at no additional cost!

Comprehensive Program - WeShare®

As our most comprehensive healthcare sharing program, WeShare® provides peace of mind and the flexibility to choose a doctor that’s best for you, through various options. Whether you prefer the convenience of virtual care or have an in-person need, you’ll easily find in-network care through the most expansive provider network of any healthcare sharing ministry with the PHCS PPO Network. With several different program levels available, you select the tier to meet your budget and where you are in your healthcare journey. WeShare provides the resources to help proactively manage your whole health: mind, body, and spirit with healthcare sharing and wellness perks.

Eligible sharing services include Routine Annual Physical, Telehealth, CVS MinuteClinic services, Physician and Therapy services, Labs, Radiology, Urgent Care, Emergency, Hospitalization, Maternity, Prescriptions through CVS Caremark and more.

Catastrophic Program - WeShare Access™

WeShare Access provides limited healthcare sharing benefits as well as wellness perks to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It focuses on well and sick visits through CVS MinuteClinic and their Telehealth services, as well as Urgent Care, Hospitalizations and Prescriptions. It’s a highly cost-effective option for people looking for sharing support for preventive care and unexpected, major illnesses and injuries.

Comparison Table

Topic WeShare® WeShare Access™
Annual Member Care Share Amounts (AMCS)
Note: works like a deductible
Options to choose from between $1,000 - $12,000 for individuals and $2,000 -$24,000 for families
Options to choose from between $5,000 - $10,000 for individuals and $10,000 -$20,000 for families

Network Access

Choose a provider from an extensive network: PHCS PPO, CVS MinuteClinic, DocDay, BetterHelp
Limited to CVS MinuteClinic, BetterHelp and the PHCS PPO for hospitalizations
Annual Physicals & Preventive Health Exams
$0 member responsibility for any network healthcare provider
$0 member responsibility for CVS MinuteClinic services only
$0 member responsibility for CVS MinuteClinic services only
$0 member responsibility for DocDay
$20 consultation fee through CVS MinuteClinic
Virtual Behavioral Health Counseling
Up to 10 visits complimentary with program membership

CVS MinuteClinicTM

$10 consultation fee

$20 consultation fee

Primary Care Physician Consultations

$25 consultation fee

Not eligible
CVS MinuteClinic can support certain services

Specialist Consultations

$75 consultation fee

Not eligible

Behavioral Health Counseling (in-person)

$75 consultation fee

Not eligible

Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp of America
All others

$10 consultation fee

AMCS applies

$40 consultation fee

AMCS applies; only eligible when ordered by CVS MinuteClinic, Urgent Care, Emergency Departments or performed during hospitalization


$25 consultation fee

$25 Consultation Fee, eligible for urgent care, emergencies and hospitalizations

Radiology, other

AMCS applies

AMCS applies, eligible for urgent care, emergencies and hospitalizations

Acupuncture or Chiropractic

$75 consultation fee, up to 12 visits each per year

Not eligible

Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy
$75 consultation fee, up to 10 combined visits per year

Not eligible

Urgent Care

$50 consultation fee

$100 consultation fee

Emergency Room

$500 consultation fee
AMCS applies if admitted
$750 consultation fee
AMCS applies if admitted

Hospital Services

AMCS applies

AMCS applies

Maternity Care (pre & postnatal care, delivery, & newborn care)
1st 24 Months of Membership
Once AMCS is met, pays up to $15,000 from shared contributions

After 24 Months
100% paid from shared contributions once AMCS is met
Not eligible

Not eligible

FDA-Approved Prescriptions

Fee depends on drug formulary; $3,500 Annual Maximum
Fee depends on formulary; only eligible for Generic and Standard Brand medications with a $2,500 Annual Maximum

Dental & Vision

Discount program included free with membership
Wellness Perks: Noom, FitBod, RightNow Media, HelloFresh
1-year subscription to Noom, Fitbod, and RightNow Media and a 1-year HelloFresh discount (valued at $780) included with membership.

Great for Members Who

Want comprehensive healthcare sharing support to manage all that life throws their way
Want support for limited medical care, focused on care they may commonly use

Note: To help keep your healthcare simple, eligible services that apply a consultation fee are not subject to the AMCS. For eligible services subject to the AMCS, they are shared at 100% once the AMCS is met. Please see the program details or contact us for a comprehensive list of eligible services. 

Extended Care Programs

The S.M.A.R.T. and A.I.D.D. Care Programs provide additional sharing for those faced with major life-threatening illnesses or unexpected accidents. S.M.A.R.T. Care helps lessen the financial burden commonly caused by the unexpected costs of a serious illness through support with bills such as mortgage, rent, utilities, plus 10+ more related expenses. A.I.D.D. Care provides additional accident benefits to assist with major medical expenses, including in-home recovery and the out-of-pocket responsibility of your WeShare program.