Frequently Asked Questions

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Christian healthcare sharing ministries are non-insurance entities in which members share a common set of ethical or religious beliefs and share medical expenses among members. 

You can call 800-900-UHSM (8476) or ENROLL ONLINE to start the application process today!

No, this is a healthcare sharing program. Healthcare sharing programs are becoming very popular because of the exorbitant rates and complexity of insurance. As many as 2 million people throughout the country use similar programs. These are not insurance policies and they do not carry guarantees. 

Call us at 800-900-UHSM (8476).

No, this is not a CVS prescription discount plan. We do provide our members with the ability to share expenses for prescription costs up to your Sharing Program limits through the CVS Caremark Pharmacy network, which includes retailers such as Costco, CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and more. 

Cost-sharing ministry that provides its members with the sense of security of traditional health insurance, without the astronomical cost or red tape. In simplest terms – it’s a program that helps members manage medical expenses using contributed funds by its collective member community. As a community of believers, we can provide the resources needed to effectively manage our overall health: mind, body, and spirit.
Christian healthcare sharing is a voluntary agreement among Members to share in each other’s medical costs through their Monthly Contributions. It is not health insurance.

Our programs are designed for members willing to maintain a proactive lifestyle centered around health and wellness. This is a community of individuals and families who share healthcare costs and agree to a standard of positive beliefs and behaviors.

WeShare is a selective program. Unfortunately, not everyone will be accepted, but we do offer a variety of programs for most needs. 

Yes! WeShare health share programs include eligible sharing through participating providers within the PHCS® PPO Network; the largest network in the country with more than 1.2 million doctors, hospitals, and specialists.  To see if your provider is in-network, view this link

Once enrolled, WeShare programs can be used in all fifty (50) states.

WeShare is not currently available to residents of Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Montana, North Dakota or Washington. 

WeShare Membership includes access to Dental and Vision discount programs. The discount program is easy to use, simply present your discount card at participating providers and receive savings on dental services and eye care.