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How often do you include endurance training in your healthy lifestyle routine? Endurance does more for your body than just build muscle mass and strength. Endurance exercises are important for overall health and well-being. Regular training helps to improve the health of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system. Building up endurance can also delay or prevent diseases such as diabetes, colon and breast cancers, heart disease, and many others. Physical activities that help to build overall endurance include taking a brisk walk, jogging, running, and bicycling.

June is National Men’s Health Month and to kick off the healthy initiative Fitbod is sponsoring ultra-endurance cyclist Grant Lottering’s USA Im’Possible Tour, June 1stthrough the 4th, benefitting Laureus Sport For Good, in partnership with UHSM.

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Who is Grant Lottering?

Grant Lottering is an Extreme Endurance Cyclist, International Motivational Speaker and Laureus Sport for Good Ambassador. He is an inspiring man with a great story of resilience who has motivated millions around the world with his story of survival and faith.

While racing in Italy on July 21, 2013, the bicyclist lost control on a mountain and propelled down into a rock embankment. The serious crash caused his heart to stop, and surgeons had to perform an emergency operation at the scene. After the accident Lottering woke up in the ICU, unable to speak or move, he thought he was paralyzed. He broke 12 ribs, his femur, hip, back, sternum, his shoulder was completely crushed, and his lungs collapsed,” Doctors said he would never cycle again.

Since his horrible accident Grant Lottering has since had a remarkable comeback from death riding the most challenging terrains. From conquering the French Alps, Pyrenees and now South Africa – he continues to astonish both medical professionals and audiences alike proving that one can achieve unbelievable levels of success.

Grant’s comeback spurred his Im’possible Tours, which is a series of ultra-endurance cycles that took him across the world. As he embarked on these difficult races, Lottering faced even more challenges including additional surgeries from his accident and even cancer. But despite everything he faced he never stopped moving or staying positive. Lottering’s powerful mantra is “Bones and blood are no match for the power of the mind,”

In August of 2016, Grant Lottering continued to accomplish incredible feats such as completing a solo, non-stop, 1,000km ride through the French Alps in under 50 hours. In September 2018, his 4th Im’possible Tour in aid of Laureus, he cycled the entire length of the French Pyrenees and Alps non-stop in less than 72 hrs, the first time in history that has ever been achieved.

In May 2019 Lottering completed his 5th successful Im’possible Tour, which was widely recognized as the most brutal solo fundraising ride ever attempted in South Africa. He rode 1,314km from Patensie in the Eastern Cape to Paarl in the Western Cape in 66hrs 12min, with over 17 mountains climbing 12,200m. Of the 1,314km of the journey, 976km was off road. He only slept a total of 2hrs 50min during this non-stop attempt.

Grant Lottering has shared his story in his book “From Death to the Top of the Alps” with audiences in over 11 countries around the world. Inspiring audiences to fly high in the face of adversity, he is living proof that one can achieve unbelievable levels of success while persevering in the face of challenges. Grant Lottering has overcome incredible odds, refusing to give up, and continues to do what most believe to be impossible.

Lottering is using his Im’possible tours to raise funds for underprivileged children and to inspire people to believe that with God, nothing is impossible. UHSM’s role will involve sponsoring the cyclist as he takes on his first US Im’possible Tour this summer, riding 700 miles, nearly non-stop through California, in the fastest possible time, a massive challenge considering he will start in Shaver Lake, Sierra National Forest, and target an elevation gain of over 63,000 feet before finishing in Orange County over 80 hours later.

Train Like the Pros

You can join us in cheering on ultra-endurance cyclist Grant Lottering and help support an amazing cause as he strives to turn “impossible” into “Im’possible.” Grant has partnered with USHM and Laureus Sport for Good to cycle 700 miles nonstop June 1-4 in Southern California for his first every US tour starting in Shaver Lake, Sierra National Forest. Lottering will be riding to raise awareness and support for the Laureus Sport for Good USA Charity, which uses sports as a powerful tool to help children and young people overcome violence, discrimination and disadvantages.

Fitbod has teamed up with Grant to help you up your endurance game with the “Grant Lottering Extreme Endurance” workout! Download the free workout on the Fitbod app to train like the pros, and Fitbod will donate $1 to Laureus Sport for Good for every “Grant Lottering Extreme Endurance” workout logged during the 4-day event!

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Join us in supporting ultra-endurance cyclist Grant Lottering’s USA Im’Possible Tour, benefiting Laureus Sport For Good. Cheer him on as he cycles 700 miles nonstop in Southern California from June 1-4. Download the “Grant Lottering Extreme Endurance” workout on the Fitbod app, and Fitbod will donate $1 to Laureus Sport for Good for every logged workout during the event. Let’s make a difference together! For more information or inquiries, please visit our Contact Us page on the WeShare® website.

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