Planning for the Unexpected

The UHSM S.M.A.R.T. Care Program provides important sharing for those faced with major life-threatening illnesses such as Stroke, Myocardial Infarction (heart attack), Aggressive Cancer, Renal (Kidney) Failure, and Transplants of major organs. In the event of these medical conditions, the SMART Care program will also share for extra medical and out-of-pocket expenses related to the illness, including childcare, paycheck protection, and other essentials; even mortgage and rent.



With SMART Care by UHSM there are no upfront application fees and sharing can begin following initial diagnosis—to share expenses as fast as possible. This SMART Care critical illness program helps members share unexpected costs typically not included in primary health care benefits. Plus, spouse and dependents are partially eligible for sharing without any additional contributions.

SMART Care can even help you share bills such as mortgage, rent, utilities, plus 10+ more related expenses.

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100% Eligible to Share

If diagnosed or being treated for a qualifying illness, you will be eligible to share 100% of your designated amount, up to $50,000. If the medical bills are less than the designated amount, you can use the remaining balance to share related expenses.

Share Related Expenses

SMART Care by UHSM helps share related expenses such as mortgage and rent, childcare, paycheck protection, auto payment, insurance (auto, health, home), utilities, mental / family counseling, emergency transportation, extended care, and afterlife.

Use Any Doctor or Hospital

SMART Care is eligible for qualifying illnesses regardless of care provider used. For WeShare Sharing members, we encourage you to leverage the negotiated rates with the PHCS® PPO network.

No App Fees + Member Support

Your SMART Care comes with no upfront app fees, and can be used multiple times up to the Max Share Limit. Contact our Member Services team to answer questions, check status or help navigate your health care journey!