A workout plan made for you

Fitbod is an award winning application that leverages AI to provide users with personalized workouts tailored to their goal, ability, and available equipment. “Our vision is to foster a more productive and functional populace through a global dedication to physical fitness.” Their mission is to provide the world with authentic fitness coaching. Fitbod is designed to suit users at all levels, from beginner to advanced. As an accessible, easy-to-use platform, Fitbod can be used anywhere, whether you are in a gym or your living room. For the UHSM members, this is a great complimentary benefit. No matter what you are trying to accomplish from your workout, Fitbod has unlimited types of workout plans specific to you!

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A Workout to Love

“Find something that you love and that fits into your lifestyle. Keep going even when it feels like you’re making no progress and one day you’ll look up and all your dreams will have come true, then there will be a new dream” -Xenia, Fitbod Member


“I lvoe that Fitbod continues to challenge and motivate me.” 

-Chrissy E. Fitbod Member