Brittney Moses

Brittney Moses advocates for wholehearted, mental wellness. Her studies, and blog, allow her to teach others how to integrate faith with mental health and wellness.

Faith and Holistic Mental Health and Wellness

In honor of our mission, WeShare by UHSM is proud to support Brittney Moses, a mental health and wellness advocate.  

Brittney creates the space for people to talk about their mental health. She seeks to inspire other Christians to integrate their faith and mental health into their daily lives. Through these conversations, Brittney encourages open discussions about not only mental health, but other forms of wellness. 

Brittney is studying psychology at UCLA. Through her studies and research, she helps reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and brings faith to the forefront of the discussion. Her goal is to work with the church and public health for youth and young adults. Brittney’s blog, website, and podcast allow her to advocate for mental wellness in everyday life.