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At UHSM, we’re a proven collection of pioneers for Christian based health care who lead with doing good first. We see things differently than our competitors, and we make our mark in the industry by challenging the norm and delivering the best health care programs for our members. We’re a fast-growing company taking the non-profit health care sharing industry by storm.

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About Unite Health Share Ministries (UHSM)

UHSM (Unite Health Share Ministries™) is a nonprofit, faith-based health sharing ministry founded on Christian beliefs and values. Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, UHSM facilitates member-to-member health sharing among fellow Christians, serving as a connector to administer medical cost sharing. UHSM takes a modern approach to health sharing that prioritizes holistic health and wellbeing. UHSM offers simple, fair, and friendly health share programs to its members, who can use its benefits across all 50 states.