Red, White, and You

Red, White, and You

Happy 4th! As you firm up your plans for the holiday weekend, we’ve collected a few fun ideas to get you and your crew outside and moving together. Regardless of your fitness level or the interests in your group, there’s an option for everyone to enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

For the beginner:

  • Use your GPS app to map a walk in your neighborhood that makes a fun shape. Grab a friend and your walking shoes and walk the shape that you made.

For the gamer:

  • Host a backyard Olympics. Pull out a few of your favorite lawn games-preferably ones that keep you moving, like kickball, spike ball, catch ball, corn hole or frisbee-and have everyone compete in each event. Feel free to throw in a fun prize to sweeten the competition!

For the social butterfly:

  • Search up a scenic hike, public park, or greenway in your area that you’ve never been to before. Gather a group and take on a new destination together.
  • See if your area has a local running club, yoga-in-the-park event, or a gym that offers a free first class to newcomers. Challenge yourself to attend on your own and make a new friend while doing the activity together.

For the foodie:

  • Grab those gardening gloves, a shovel, and a few of your favorite fruit, veggie, or herb seedlings to build a garden that grows all your favorite foods! You can customize your garden to fit whatever space you’re in—consider potted herbs that can flourish on a small windowsill to add a nutrient-dense bunch to your meals, or larger pots for vegetable plants if you have a porch or patio but lack a plot of grassy space. Any why not incorporate red, white, and blue as a memory of this weekend in the weeks and months to come.
  • Plan a rotating dinner with your friends! If there’s a street in your city with a lot of restaurant options, walk to different spots for your appetizer, entree, and dessert. Or if you live within walking distance of each other, have each house offer to host different courses of your meal together.

Physical activity doesn’t have to be all gym memberships and running laps (and if that’s your thing, good for you!). Physical wellness is a matter of finding what fits in your lifestyle and your activity level, but most importantly, helps you have some fun! At WeShare, we want you find others who have that same goal—use code FREEDOM (valid through 07/07/24) to take 50% off your application fee and join our community as we find freedom in our health and wellness together.