The Freedom Healthshare Gives You

July 4th is a time to celebrate freedom in so many ways—longer sunny days means more time to get outside and enjoy free time in the evenings, and for some the day off provides a needed break with family and friends. This time is a luxury provided by the freedom that our country gets to celebrate over this holiday. Healthcare may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about exercising freedom. In fact, freedom may not even be something you associate with the healthcare world at all. The complicated jargon, high premium costs, and limitations in what kind of care you can receive all contribute to this idea that healthcare is a “take what you can get” kind of system. But what if there was another option? What if you could decide what having freedom over your own healthcare looked like for you? 

Healthsharing could be that option for you. The simplicity, ease of use, and community that healthsharing provides are just a few of the things that give you more freedom in your healthcare in comparison to a traditional health insurance option.

 When it comes to healthsharing, there’s an assumption that it’s going to be more complicated to understand than traditional health insurance because it’s an option not as many people are familiar with. In reality, healthsharing are  programs that simply facilitate the sharing of their member’s medical expenses and values. They’re easy to use because each healthshare will have its own guidelines that outline what exactly is eligible to be shared. These guidelines are clearly laid out for you before becoming a member, and there’s an entire team of people to help answer any questions that you have about your specific circumstance. There’s no waiting for an insurance company to respond about a claim, or the anxiety of wondering if an expense will be covered. With healthshare, you simply have the freedom to make the healthcare choices that are right for you because you are equipped with the knowledge to make an informed, wise decision on the front end.

Being a part of a healthshare program gives you the freedom to know you’re in good company, receiving the care and support you need from your community. You’re not left alone to battle it out with a faceless insurance company; you have an entire community wrapped around you to not only support you on the financial side of healthcare, but also for the emotional and mental support you need too. In  healthsharing, our hope is that you would connect with others who may be walking through similar journeys, hear stories from other members, and receive encouragement as you go—freeing you up to be that welcoming space for other community members, too.

At WeShare, freedom means navigating the healthcare landscape with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for yourself. We offer a healthshare program that emphasizes simplicity, ease of use, and a supportive community ready to assist you. But what does freedom mean to you? We want to help you find out.

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