WeShare 15 Ways to Celebrate Self-Improvement Month

WeShare 15 Ways to Celebrate Self-Improvement Month

Make it a priority in your life to grow! 

Special Thanks to Guest Writer, Brittney Moses 

Let’s be honest, you don’t need another national holiday to decide to improve the necessary areas of your life, but if you’re looking for thoughtful ways to get started this Self-Improvement Month, here are some ideas to consider! 

Get into the rhythm of self-care…  

Self-care helps with stress management over our health 

The idea of self-care may seem like the latest cultural buzzword, but the truth is that there are real, tangible mental and physical health aids when we decide to make time to give ourselves a worthwhile reset. 

Here’s why self-care is actually pretty important: 

It helps us live from intention!  

It can be all too easy to get caught up in the busy cycle of life and the demands of those around us. We may soon find that we’re living our life from a constant state of reacting to things instead of being more thoughtful about our direction in life and reflecting on if we’re actually living a life aligned with our convictions, values, and what we are truly called to be doing in this world.  

By pausing to practice self-care we’re allowing ourselves the space to make sure our life is built on a foundation of intentional choices rather than reactive ones. 

Here are 15 Ways to Improve this Month: 

1. Create a Mission Statement For Your Life 

A life mission statement can be anywhere from a couple of sentences to a paragraph that defines your values, how you plan to live out your purpose and acts as a foundation that you guide your life by. 

2. Normalize Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone 

Remember that you can feel uncomfortable feelings and still press forward to the other side of your growth. In order to see different results in our lives sometimes that means doing something different than we’ve done before. 

 3. Look into Having a Mentor 

By surrounding yourself with people who have either already been where you already are or who currently are where you’re trying to get to, you’ll have the advantage of learning from their mistakes and gaining a vision of what is possible through someone who’s already done it. Whether it be a mentor in business, finance, marriage, education, spiritual growth, or life in general, this encouragement, accountability and support can be extremely beneficial to our growth. 

4. Be Solution Focused, Instead of Conflict-Avoidant 

While it’s natural to want to avoid uncomfortable encounters, healthy problem solving is a necessary part of our growth. Instead of letting problems accumulate and creating anxiety or stagnation, consider what it would look like to partner with others in focusing on solutions and reframing these obstacles as an opportunity to grow. 

5. Don’t be Afraid to ask Questions When you Need Clarity 

The truth remains that we don’t know what we don’t know, and curiosity is the bridge that helps bring us to clarity. Following our questions expands our knowledge and understanding which grows us into being more well-rounded people. Whether it be on the job, in school or within our relationships, asking for clarity helps us discern how to move forward with wisdom. 

6. Have a System of Support in Place for Your Mental Health 

We all have mental health, just like we all have physical health, and it’s natural for the burdens and demands of life to sometimes take over our mind. Whether it be a therapist or counselor, having a sounding board to check in with can help prevent mental decline and keep us on track with our overall goals in life. 

7. Start Journaling  

Journaling can help us reduce mental distress, get clear about our thoughts and emotions and increase self-awareness. The more self-aware we are, the more we can understand the active changes we need to make to show up for our lives and those around us from a healthy place. 

8. Create a Morning Routine that Helps to Motivate you 

The way we start our morning sets our mindset and attitude for the rest of the day. This is why it can be beneficial to create a routine that works best for you to help get you in the right state of mind such as, morning affirmations, writing out goals and intentions or listening to a podcast or message that fuels optimism and motivation.   

9. Break Your day Down into 3 Main Goals 

[Body, Par. 9] While we might be tempted to make long drawn-out to-do lists that look productive, this can tend to be exhaustive and decrease our self-esteem when we can never seem to get things done. Instead, consider making a more reasonable list of your three priority goals for that day and letting them be enough. Feeling the reward of accomplishing your most important tasks can give a boost in motivation that fuels your overall confidence and well-being. 

10. Schedule “Start Dates” Instead of Due Dates to Minimize Procrastination 

Instead of just relying on the due date of a project or task, actually schedule the day that you should start so you can work on things overtime. Not only will it improve your work to be able to re-look at things with fresh eyes, but it can help ensure you’re not missing your deadlines or constantly feeling overwhelmed. 

11. Incorporate Regular Physical Exercise into Your Week 

Exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous for it to be beneficial. Even just 20 – 30 minutes of moderate exercise can help improve your general health, boost your mood with the release of endorphins, increase energy, reduce the risk of disease, and strengthen your heart. Your future-self will thank you for being preventative and proactive with your health and wellness! 

12. Create a Meal Plan for Your Week 

Let’s face it, healthier eating doesn’t often happen by accident and one of the hardest times of day to think about what to eat is in the middle of the day when you’re busy managing other demands. Staying on track with a diet for a healthier lifestyle is more possible when we plan for it and think ahead. Set aside a time at the beginning of each week to consider the meals you want to eat and consider preparing for the week in advance, that way you don’t have to think about it when things are hectic. 

13. Decide how you want to Interact with Social Media each day 

Make social media an intentional space by deciding how much you’re going to spend on it each day or when it’s time to unplug. 

14. Read 20-30 Minutes each day 

Reading is generally great stimulation for the brain that can also help build on our overall comprehension and vocabulary. In today’s digital world, make it a habit to pick up a book or read something new to help expand your language and you’re thinking. 

15. Prioritize Routine Health Visits 

Being proactive and preventative with your health is the best way to practice wellness, lifelong; UHSM enables members to live a life of wellness through valuing a preventative and proactive approach to healthcare. You can learn more, here! 

About the Guest Author: 

Brittney Moses, 

UHSM Ambassador, Mental Health Author, Lifestyle Content Creator, & Faith Advocate 

Ambassador of UHSM, Brittney Moses is a mental health Author, Lifestyle Content Creator, and Advocate over integrating faith, culture, and wellness into one’s life. A mom and Los Angeles native, Brittney walks in-faith, using an informed approach to mental health. She is deeply seated in compassion for those she serves, from churches to youth non-profit ministries, Brittney Moses is a NAMI-certified Support Group Facilitator and Crisis Textline Counselor. Brittney Moses encourages others through a variety of mental health crises, and helps others through practical, holistic, and an evidence-based approach. Her latest publication and book, Worthy, helps others to focus on clarity and peace every day. 

You can grab your very own copy of Worthy directly on the Amazon book marketplace! 

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