Morning Wellness Habits with Brittney Moses & UHSM

Morning Wellness Habits with Brittney Moses & UHSM

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Motivational Wellness: Morning Routine & Habit Upgrades

“Tip of the Day: Let mornings be your opportunity to take a breath and start over. Every day is a new day to try again. Don’t let a bad yesterday rob you of a new today.”

– Brittney Moses

Mental & Physical Health & Wellness are Connected:

There’s Much More to Living a Balanced, Healthy Life

“As a matter of fact, physical health and mental health are very intricately related. When you have good mental health, your physical health can improve. At the same time, when you have a wellness approach to physical health, your mental health can improve,” says GoodTherapy®, an organization that helps people to connect with counselors, therapists, and mental health resources.

There’s much more to the mental and physical connection than initially thought. GoodTherapy® points out that mental imbalance can lead to increased levels of inflammation, “chronic pain, thyroid problems, heart disease, and even multiple sclerosis.”

Take Care of You, You Can’t Care for Others on Empty:

Reclaim Your Mornings & Make Them Work for You!

If you wake up sluggish and it is hard to get out of bed, that could be a combination or a variety of issues. One consideration could be how your morning is structured or the lack thereof! You can take a few steps to reclaim your morning routine and set healthy habits for every morning, leading to a brighter, more refreshed view of what morning wellness is. Here are our steps, suggestions, and motivation for owning your mornings!

Take a few moments, every day, to set yourself up for seamless success, & you’ll learn to love every morning!

1. Create a Daily Overview

Start your day right with a three-column list: 1. Items that MUST be done, 2. Items that SHOULD be done, and 3. Items that would be NICE to complete. Try not to overthink your classification and simply write your list; try to complete your list in five minutes or less. Having a list sectioned out will help you achieve what is absolutely needed, while also allowing for an overview.

2. Add Gratitude to Your To-Do List

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to focus on the negative and what is going wrong? How often do we sit down and think about the ways we are blessed by those around us, the securities we have, or the communities we have become part of?…

It’s easy to forget, but with a small addition to your morning, you can learn to take challenges with greater ease, as well as appreciate the little things in one’s life! Take two to five minutes to write down five things about your life that you are proud of, enjoy, or blessed by, in order to add gratitude to your life!

3. Find Two Minutes for Solitude

Two minutes of solitude, especially in a busy home, could look like quiet time in the shower, a moment with one’s coffee, or even a moment before one arises for the day: make time to be alone with your thoughts, your prayers, and your feelings every morning. Having quiet, solitude will help you to be more reflective and purposeful with your daytime.

4. Move Around & Get Your Blood Pumping

The long and short of it is a quick stretch will help you to maintain flexibility and balance as we age! Take a few moments in the morning to move your limbs, stretch, and focus on your breathing! While you may not have time to do a full workout in the morning, make sure to take a few moments to shake any sleepy-daze out!

5. Eat a Well-Balanced Breakfast

The easiest way to eat a balanced breakfast every morning is to plan ahead. Whether you’re a morning-oats, an egg and toast, or breakfast-sandwich kind of person, there are all sorts of options for prepping and planning meals, in-advanced, to make your morning quick, easy, and yet, still focused on a healthy, balanced approach.

BONUS: 7 Ways to Show up for the Lord ALL DAY!

While wellness is often thought of only as physical health, at UHSM, we believe it’s all about your physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness!

To us, this means special attention and care towards living a life reflecting the Lord and the Word of God.

 1. Breathe

Pause. Take a moment and ask yourself… How would Jesus respond in this situation? Taking yourself through a healthy day also includes having the right mindset: add patience, understanding, and grace through thoughtfulness.

2. Pray

Pray for the good, pray for the bad. You may have heard this saying before but learn to ask God and talk with God in both the good and bad times, not just the bad times. If you feel like you’re only asking God, you aren’t having a relationship with the Spirit through yourself, you’re just ask, ask, asking. Pray in a moment of quiet within your day to foster your relationship with the Lord.

3. Sing

Take a moment in your day to sing and rejoice in the Lord’s name. It doesn’t matter what you sound like, sing like no one is looking!

4. Give Thanks

It can be easy to give thanks during Thanksgiving, but do you add thankfulness to your daily routine? Being thankful for the big and little things will go a long way. Be thankful for the food that nourishes your body, be thankful for the friends, family, and loved ones in your life, be thankful for what you DO have, not what you DON’T. You’ll find the more thankfulness you exude, the more blessings in your life you will attract.

5. Go Outside

Do you stop to enjoy the nature and beautiful world around you? Birds chirping happily, trees creaking in the wind… God’s creation is truly beautiful and worthy of admiration!

6. Smile

Smile more, you’ll find that those around you pick it up, too!

7. Exercise

Find love and peace for your body through steady efforts with fitness! Whether you enjoy yoga, dancing, swimming, horse back riding, or any other activity, make sure you take time to get up and move around!

Next Week:

“National Relaxation Day is More Than Spa Time & Bubble Baths”

The UHSM blog series is continuing on with National Wellness Month, all of August! Next week’s blog will focus more on wellness, but with special attention and focus on National Relaxation day! While relaxation is oftentimes thought of as a mani-pedi combo, massage, or warm bubble baths… Relaxation, with special attention towards overall wellness, should include physical, spiritual, and mental fitness!

Catch-us next week and join-in for more tips and tricks towards a wellness, healthy habit-filled life! WeShare because we always care about your health!

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In this article, Brittney Moses and UHSM emphasize the importance of morning wellness habits for both mental and physical health. From creating daily overviews to incorporating gratitude, solitude, movement, and a balanced breakfast, they provide practical tips to start the day right. Additionally, they highlight seven ways to integrate spiritual wellness into daily life, including prayer, gratitude, and spending time in nature. For further support in enhancing your overall wellness, connect with us at’s Contact Us page. Let’s embark on this journey to wellness together!

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