What is Shared?

All WeShare® members are encouraged to take a proactive, responsible, and preventative role in the health care. To our community, this means more than showing up for appointments. WeShare® supports members through ‘Care Confirmation.’ By actively participating in your own medical and healthcare treatment, through the Care Confirmation, you help to ensure that you are not left responsible pay for excess, unexpected, or surprise medical bills. 

WeShare Medical Services

*Please contact a member of the enrollment team for specific information regarding eligible services and fees.

Eligible Services, Prior to Meeting AMCS

– Telehealth Provided Through the DocDay™
100% Eligible for Sharing, with unlimited visits; available day one of membership.

– CVS MinuteClinic™ urgent care & CVS Caremark™ retail locations

– Wellness & Preventative Care (Annual Check-up)
100% Eligible for Sharing, with no Share Maximum per Year.

– Urgent Care

Emergency & Hospitalization

– Emergency Room
If admitted to the hospital, inpatient applies, which is subject to AMCS.

– Ambulance Services

– Air Transport
No lifetime Membership Maximums.

Pregnancy & Maternity Care

– Prenatal & Initial Postnatal Visits & Delivery
Continuous membership required for eligibility. Costs applied towards global billing.

Physical, Spiritual, & Mental Wellness

– Acupuncture
Up to 12 sessions, per member, per year.

– Chiropractic Treatment
Up to 12 sessions, per member, per year.

– Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapy
Up to 10 combined sessions, per member, per year; 10-months of continuous membership required.

– Behavioral Health Counseling
Excludes in-patient or out-patient services. 10 in-network, counseling sessions are allowed per individual, per year.

– Partnered Wellness Subscriptions
Membership includes a 1-year subscription to Noom, Fitbod,  and Right Now Media.

Physician Services

– Primary Care Provider (PCP)

– Specialist Office Visits
Unlimited visits for In-Network.

Inpatient Facility Services

– Specialty Care
Specialty Care is only Eligible for Sharing during an Inpatient Facility stay of 24-hours or longer.

– Anesthesiologist

– Surgical

– Lab & Diagnostics

– X-Ray & Diagnostic Imaging
Imaging must be completed in-network.

Outpatient Facility Services

– Laboratory Services
Only applies at Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp of America; other labs are subject to AMCS; & Some services require preauthorization.

– CVS MinuteClinic® Urgent Care Services
Unlimited Visits allowed.

– Ambulatory Surgery Center

– Outpatient Department of a Hospital: Surgery

Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-Existing Conditions constitutes as any medical condition, which a Sharing Member has prior diagnostics, represented symptoms for, been examined related to, and / or has received treatment prior to becoming an active Sharing Member of WeShare® –whether known to a Sharing Member, or not– is considered a Pre-Existing Condition.

WeShare programs applies a $15,000 AMCS for year one of continuous membership; $25,000 AMCS for year two of continuous membership; $50,000 AMCS for year three of continuous membership; and no limitation on pre-existing conditions after 36-months of continuous membership. Any special instances are specified within this Membership Guide.

WeShare may decline Applicants from becoming Sharing Members if they present Pre-Existing Conditions, since such immediate expenses could create a strain on the ability to provide sharing for current Sharing Members. This may apply to any Applicant(s) who meet any of the following criteria, included, but not limited to: Have had a natural parent, brother, or sister suffer from diabetes; kidney disease; have had required a major organ transplant; have been diagnosed with heart disease; cerebrovascular disease; internal cancer prior, to age 60 years of age.  

Unhealthy and Risky Behaviors

Generally speaking, we do not share expenses associated with unhealthy and risky behaviors. As a community of health-conscious people living by Christian values, most of our members avoid these charges naturally.